Adv. Algorithm Final

Algorithm, Complexity of algorithm – p.9
Linear Search (algorithm 2.4)(algorithm 4.5) – p.28 p.77
Binary Search (algorithm 4.6) – p.78

Bubble Sort (algorithm 4.4) – p.73
Quick Sort (procedure 6.5) – p.173
Heap; Heapsort (example 7.21) – p.243
Insertion sort – p.322
Selection Sort (Algorithm 9.3) – p.324

Linear time sorting, Time complexity, Counting sort, Radix sort, bucket sort
Counting sort

Minimum Spanning tree algorithm

Searching, Breath first search, Depth first search
Breadth first search – p.294

Algorithm lecture – Linear time sorting, Counting sort

Midterm exam 1/3/13 Suggestion (Algorithm)

P.9 – Algorithm; Complexity; Linear Search; Binary Search
P.27 – Complexity of Algorithm

P.28 – Linear Search Algorithm

P.73-75 – Sorting; Bubble Sort; Bubble sort algorithm

P.76 – Searching. Linear Search

P.78 – Binary Search

(P.173 – Quick Sort
P.175 – Quick Sort Procedure)

P.322 – Insertion Sort

P.324 – Selection Sort

Linear time sorting;
Counting sort.

Why we use linear time sorting?