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Digital Coin Generation Beginer’s Guide

Now a days it is a awesome site to earn money online. You do not need to do any thing. Just run their software in your PC and they will pay you for this. It is not harmful for your computer. It just share a very little of your computer’s processing power to process thread that is received from their super computer. That is the power of distributed processing. They will pay you $1/24h per thread for lending your computer(1% of processing power). It is just using some of your wastage processing power that never disturb your other daily task.

1) If you not register yet do hurry and register.

2) Go to Personal >> Profile enter your working cell no.They send you verification code then you should send it back to the number +447937946882, account verified.(wait for few minutes)

2)Start a new ticket to the “Department Trial” and request them to “activate my Trial thread as my phone verified”. (wait it may take 1 day for response)

3)Download the software from the site and install and run it.You receive 1$ per day for each thread.( very soft software, does not harm your PC,scan it for proof)

4) Run the software with internet on and it will earn you $1 per day.if you have 10 Thread than it will earn you 10$ per day( earnings are updated at 00:00 server time each day)

Note can read their facts and help pages:


you can withdraw when it is 1$ or more.

N/B: You will get one trial thread for 30 days. You can buy more thread. It will cost $50/thread for 1 year. Each thread will give you $1/day.

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Intlinx gone!

It is very shocking that intlinx.com disappears.

FreePro System | Marketing System

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